Sun Rays

Sun Rays · 24. février 2020
Hellow~! I hope you’re okay. I was really inspired by Anouk’s newsletter from the site Talented Girls Anouk learned a lot in 2019. Here is Lesson number 2. Have a good reading! ;)
Sun Rays · 13. février 2020
Hellow~! I hope you’re okay! I was really inspired by Anouk’s newsletter from the site Talented Girls Anouk learned a lot in 2019. I't so important that I really want to share it with you !
Sun Rays · 28. décembre 2019
“Everything old, everything that needed to be purged and released, it was time for everything to come to the surface.” That quote is from 2018 and it’s about the volcanic eruption that took place in Hawaii. And it’s THE 2019 quote for me. The past year has been a year of upheaval and unexpected transformation. Maybe it has also been the case for you in a way or another. Maybe everything was turned upside down but in time you'll see... Now, there is more than before.
Sun Rays · 19. novembre 2019
As Alexandra Franzen wrote: " "If you are grieving a loss of any kind, I wish I had the perfect advice, recipe, or seven-step process for swift healing. I don’t. All I can offer is my own story, which is still unfolding."
Sun Rays · 15. octobre 2019
Ohayo~! I'm really happy to share the First Ray of Sunshine introducing Kié to those who don't know her yet. Enjoy your reading! I share The Ray of Sunshine once a month by email to the subscribers. You will find it here too, but If you want to be sure to not miss it don't hesitate to join the happy crew by subscribing (Form at the bottom of the page). See you soon! 💖 Chloë
Sun Rays · 02. octobre 2019
I have two good news: the first one is that Ema Delicate Girl and The Autumn Girl 1 & 2 are getting a special discount for this Autumn and only until the 9th of October. Second good news: You can win your own Ema! If you want to know how...
Sun Rays · 16. septembre 2019
Hello Doll friends! You are a collector and you think that you cannot buy this BJD, this Wig, this item of clothing (Strike out what does not apply) at that price? Or, you are a creator and you believe that you cannot charge more for this same BJD, Wig or accessory on which you worked so many hours? Whether you are a creator or a collector, you’re not to blame. there is a reason for that. And I'm sure you're far from guessing which one! We bet? Good reading!
Sun Rays · 07. septembre 2019
Hello! Just yesterday, I would have thought it impossible for me to do what I’m doing today. But, I’m moving forward and as I go I realize that I’m getting stronger and more courageous than what I would have believed. A few weeks ago, I was relaxing in my living room in front of my computer screen, listening to one of my favorite songs to boost my spirits. It was motivating me while using a spreadsheet made by a professional, Mélanie Jung from Les Pies Bavardes.
Sun Rays · 02. septembre 2019
Have you ever felt your guts wrenched by fear? Your eyes filled with tears? Whatever you could do or say to yourself, you felt that an intense and unpleasant emotion was blocking you? Well that's how to give a good kick to your fears, and even better here is how to tame any "unpleasant" emotion, tadaaah!
Sun Rays · 29. juillet 2019
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you’d never make it? Worse than that, whatever you did was met with a series of struggles and in the end, the results seemed disappointing? If the answer is yes, then read carefully what follows… I hope from the bottom of my heart that after reading this you’ll say, “Yes! I CAN actually do it! I can reach my goals even when I encounter difficulties and things don’t go as planned.”

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