Lesson 2: We reproduce what we know


I hope you’re okay.

I was really inspired by Anouk’s newsletter from the site Talented Girls.

Anouk learned a lot in 2019. Here is Lesson number 2. Have a good reading! ;)


Lesson 2:


It took me a lot of time to free myself from my education and to recognize what really belongs to me in my fears, my ambitions, my dreams, my anxieties, my reflexes.

We subconsciously reproduce the behaviours that we are familiar with. We build ourselves on references that sometimes go far back in the past and which are not the best. 

Realizing it helped me to get rid of what didn’t suit me, to recreate my own custom-made standards. This year, I became my very own parent. I became an adult.

See you soon for another lesson! ;)