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Asphodèle Art Dolls will become Asphodèle Studio, our Video Editing and Graphics services.

Ema as "The Delicate Girl" by Asphodèle Art Dolls


Ema with "The Delicate Girl" Fullset is limited to only 1 piece that is as unique as she is beautiful. This means you’ll have a One of a kind Doll that will bring love and light to your home. Get it now - once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Ema as "The Autumn Girl" #1 by Asphodèle Art D.


By working with Artists we contribute to help people to share their passion and art with the world, and make a creation of their dream. By buying Ema

you help them too. 

it's love given back!! 

Ema as "The Autumn Girl" #2 by Asphodèle Art D.

So much charm!

Ema is the culmination of a dream. She says: "My existence is a victory. I am made of perseverance, creativity and a lot of love." You will never see a doll with so much charm!

Asphodèle's Story


My name is Chloë, I'm a young Dollmaker and creator of Asphodèle Art Dolls. My emotional signature is made of the following words: "poetry", "sweetness", "love", "femininity", "nature" and also of the sweet magic and the marvelous little simple things ...

My secret wish is that my dolls bring the love and joy I had creating them to their owners!

To read more about me just click here ! :)