How to pay my order?

Payment can be done exclusively by Paypal (with an account or directly via credit card), except for french customers that can use check payments, too.



For your orders, you have the possibility to pay in several monthly payments. Those payment facilities are free of extra charges.

To order in layaway with paypal, you have to choose the "invoice" option during the "pay" step of the order.

The order will be placed and I'll contact you by email for the layaway schedule.

First installment will be set on order, and following ones each 30 days. Order will be shipped as soon as all instalments are paid.


• You can pay in 1,2,3 or 4 times with no minimum order.

• You can pay in up to 5 times for an order of 500€ or more.

• You can pay in up to 8 times for an order of 700€ or more.

IMPORTANT: Please, place an order ONLY if you are sure to buy the doll. 

These layaways are offered to enable you to acquire the doll you want.

Payments are due according to the schedule established in the order.

Any cancellation or any late payment will result in a cancellation of the order WITHOUT refund.

Thank you to follow these rules for me to continue offering payment solutions.


What is a "preorder"?

The site operates mostly by pre-order system: in this case, pre-sales are open for a specified period during which you can place your order.

Then, at the end of this period, I order from the caster that will make the dolls!



How long will I wait before receiving my order?

 Pre-orders require 90 to 120 business days for a doll to be finish. There are shipped only when the payement is completed.

For the dolls in stock, they are shipped as soon as the payment received, or the completed layaway.


Thank you for your attentive reading!