The Ray of Sunshine


Typically, you'll hear from me only one time each month. The Ray of Sunshine is written to be uplifting, encouraging, and helpful. 


I often share…


* Inspiring true stories. (my Dollies adventures most of the time!)

* Thoughts on creativity, productivity, finding motivation, staying focused, finishing projects, dealing with challenges, using your time and energy intentionally, and making each day count.

* The Ray of Sunshine with Kié, it's a short photostory featuring Kié, my Unoa.



Occasionally, I share announcements about new BJDs and Doll related creations, Doll events I'll be at, preorders and other projects, too.


Here's a hug for you, in case you need one today.


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Ema by Asphodele Art Dolls with "The Atumn Girl" Fullset, BJD, Artist BJD, poupée articulée
Ema by Asphodele Art Dolls with "The Atumn Girl" Fullset