Hello Doll friends!


You are a collector and you think that you cannot buy this BJD, this wig, this item of clothing (Strike out what does not apply) at that price? Or, you are a creator and you believe that you cannot charge more for this same BJD, wig or accessory (Again, strike out what does not apply) on which you worked so many hours?

Whether you are a creator or a collector, you’re not to blame.

I will probably teach you one thing: your prices are a reflection of your self-confidence!

And it applies to both: whether you are a seller or a buyer, the more confidence you have in yourself the less afraid you are of selling/buying something valuable. 

However, the challenge is bigger when it comes to selling.


To be able to sell something at the right and high price is a big challenge for ourselves and spoiler alert … 80% of craftsmen are selling their creation at a ridiculously low price (=not the one they should charge at all).

Having discussed it with some French BJD creators, I know that most of them don’t dare charging more and are thus selling at a loss and it is likely the case for other creators regardless of their field.


It was also my case until very recently. 


Until I realized that if I kept doing that, my little business would not last long. And yet, I’m still terribly afraid of charging the amount I should actually charge (Twice the original price).


There are two schools of thoughts, the one that says that you should sell your creation at its real price and the one that says that it’s best to charge a price you’re comfortable with and to raise it progressively until reaching this very high price for crafts (and it’s normal for it to be that high).


Between those 2, there is me, the creator of Asphodèle Art Dolls who’s wondering what to do…


So, doubling my price or raising it progressively… What should I do?


I tested for you: I doubled my prices this summer. And strangely enough, my motivation to communicate around my dolls went on a holiday…


I know that I’m charging the right price and that it’s either that or dying (No worries! I’m talking about Asphodèle Art Dolls, my business, not me…).


The second option came back to mind these past few days.

I’m working on emotional management and self-confidence with my therapist Lydie who also became a friend.

This summer, I realized that even though I made a lot of progress in terms of self-confidence, I still have a long way to go.


So, raising my prices progressively seems like a good option for me at the moment.


I calculated the expenses and taxes related to my business in order to get a minimum sale price (=to reimburse the costs of creation and to pay a percentage to the administration and PayPal amongst others). I made sure to save a 20% margin necessary to the treasury of any company, but I don’t earn anything for my working time: sculpting, 3D, communication on the internet and on social networks, Expos, client mailing…). 

Post-production is in fact the biggest part of the work. We spend more time getting our dolls known than it takes us to create them (which is already a loooooooot of time!)


So yes, I go against my values and what I’m preaching: to respect oneself, one’s work, to pay ourselves for real and not just with peanuts.

OK, well personally I accept to be paid in peanut flavored mochi. But, that’s because I’m weak… I can’t say no to mochis! (Green tea or sesame flavors suit me as well, thank you!)



It’s also important to communicate on the real value of a craft’s work and to transmit those values to others, to communicate with the client, because, yes, he/she is a human being and is capable and even has a right to know what a BJD is in terms of working time (which is, and I’m pointing this out again, more than just the time spent to create it), but also it’s real monetary value (which is far from the prices usually charged and which are usually too low), or a wig, clothes, in short everything around it (for which it’s probably the same). 



To give an example, for a MSD Doll sold at €475, its creator earns €180, which is less than half of its value and that doesn’t cover her expenses (at all!) That’s without even taking salary into account…


So, if it’s not what I’m preaching, why am I not charging for the time spent working on my MSD Ema? 


Because, I want to be able to be comfortable with the price I’m charging, even if I know it’s not the price it should be, rather than charging that right price that scares me and makes me feel unable to keep communicating and make Asphodèle Art Dolls known.


But mostly, because whatever happens, I committed myself to continue working on my self-confidence and to raise my prices progressively.

Because I’m betting that I’ll succeed anyway and that expenses for Ema’s creation will be covered and that I will be able to create other dolls and with time, I will be able to sell them at their RIGHT price.


I want Asphodèle Art Dolls to not only survive, but to live and even thrive! 


I would like to see my dolls everywhere in the world and see the smile on the face of their owner, I would like to hear them tell me how much they like my creations and that they don’t regret buying them even for a moment, because they really fell in love with them.


That’s a crazy bet, but nothing is impossible to those who believe!


I love BJD, creating them, thinking of their look, taking photo of them, but also writing and creating a story around their character!


I believe … that a craft design should bring joy and put stars in the eyes of people, to be a support for exchange, creating connections and that life should be filled with simple pleasures, every day!


I wholeheartedly … want to create dolls that will have that charm and this gaze that will make your heart melt. That “Wow, she has some charm! She almost looks alive!” And when you open her box, you will feel like a child receiving its present at Christmas! 



From the bottom of my heart, I want to bring joy in my life and the life of others, to find balance, to have peace of mind, to further my interest in spirituality, personal development and to encourage good vibes!


You can find my work at www.asphodeleartdolls.com

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With love,




PS: Pre-orders for Ema will be between September 18th to October 9th at €553 for the Blank Soft Light Skin model and at €580 for the Blank Light tan model. For more info go to: www.asphodeleartdolls.com


PPS. I would like to congratulate those who cling to achieve what is important to them in any field!


PPPS: Follow your Geart and your Hut!



PPPPS: Kick your fear!