30 lessons learned in 2019


I hope you’re okay!


I was really inspired by Anouk’s newsletter from the site Talented Girls

Anouk learned a lot in 2019.


Like her, I would like to learn to accept myself more. To also gather all these pieces of myself scattered, hidden, rejected, judged, denied, blocked. To recognize them and give them a place and a right to express themselves.

I’m sharing with you those lessons learned and shared by Anouk:


Lesson 1 - We are the starting point


For the world to be happy, we must be happy. For us to be happy, we have to be loved for who we are. For us to be loved in that way, we have to show who we are. To show who we are, we have to know ourselves and above all to accept ourselves.

We are the starting point of this virtuous circle of joy, love, happiness and peace.

A project is only fulfilling if it is true to us. A business is only sustainable if it is true to us. A relationship is only beautiful if it allows us to fully be who we are.


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