“You have to do what you can’t not do.”




Just yesterday, I would have thought it impossible for me to do what I’m doing today.

But, I’m moving forward and as I go I realize that I’m getting stronger and more courageous than what I would have believed.


A few weeks ago, I was relaxing in my living room in front of my computer screen, listening to one of my favorite songs to boost my spirits.

It was motivating me while using a spreadsheet made by a professional, Mélanie Jung from Les Pies Bavardes.

A very precise spreadsheet that includes all the percentages and taxes to take into account when you are a micro-enterprise.


After solving the problem I encountered while first using it, I entered the sum of all the figures I had to enter: monthly expenses, annual expenses, cost of equipment, cost of expos, my working time, my dues, in short absolutely everything.

That’s so sexy, I will save you the details, haha! XD

I was both excited and nervous about the results. I could already see myself announcing the news:


“Hey guys, here are my new prices! I’m going to be able to be a full-time Dollmaker who can

make a living out of her activity. I’m throwing a big party to celebrate this, you are all invited!!”


Then the results came up and revealed the cost of each Ema...

You may think that since those prices came out of an Excel spreadsheet, I would be able to proudly and confidently use them. That’s also what I thought.

A while ago, as I was exchanging emails with my friend Rico, I was saying that it didn’t have to be a big deal,

that blockages are psychological, that everything will go well, blah blah, blah...


Except that... the prices displayed for each Ema were twice their current price.

I found myself staring at my screen, completely dumbfounded.

I was feeling lost and confused. I felt on the verge of crying and a tightness in my guts. A fear. Strong. Anxiousness, because those figures seemed astronomical.

My confidence had just disappeared right there. I felt like a balloon that had been pierced.


I thought to myself: “I cannot charge this kind of price, that’s impossible! I don’t know anyone who sells dolls at that price, or it’s limited editions that are high-end masterpieces. There has to be a mistake.”


That’s when I heard a voice in my head telling me in a clear and calm tone:

“An Excel spreadsheet does not lie. Those are the prices you have to charge.”


Far from being reassured, I checked again and again. Impassive, my screen always showed the same result.

So, there were only 2 possibilities: to keep charging the same prices while knowing that I was undervaluing my creations and that I was being underpaid... or charging the new prices... and this option was giving me cold sweats.


That’s when I remembered my last Ray “Kick your fear”.

Once I applied the method “Feel, Know, Do”, that I talk about in “Kick your fear”, I thought that I really had to follow my “Hut”, the voice of the heart and guts that I talk about in another Ray.


“You have to do what you can’t not do.”


(I borrowed this quote from Hale Berry in the movie Cloud Atlas, becauseI love her and I have always wanted to say it, now that’s done!)


In short, I can’t keep charging my current prices while still hoping to make a living off my business, that’s impossible.

If I want to give Asphodèle Art Dolls a chance to keep existing, I have to raise my prices.

Do I feel capable of doing that? Am I not afraid?


Yes, of course, I am terribly afraid, but as I said in “Kick your fear”, even if fear overtakes you, that it twists your guts, […], you will know that you CAN succeed in spite of it and even with it!

And it doesn’t matter how many times it will come back or the form it will take!

Courage is fear that made its prayer!

Courage isn’t not being afraid.

Courage is to be afraid, but to still go there.

Because you know fear can be

your ally.

Because you got its message and you thank it!


No matter how you will perceive this announcement, fair or total nonsense, let me thank you again for the support you’ve shown me so far.

Whether you followed me on the internet, or loved my work, flooded me with kind words, little gifts, or simply wrapped me in your silent benevolence, thank you for this journey that we undertook together and that I don’t regret even for a second, and I wish for the new path that I chose to take us to the horizon and beyond.

Kisses to all of you!




PS: Ema is still available in fullset (in stock) or Blank (on demand). I'm still thinking on how to propose nice prices, if there is a way though.


PPS. If you enjoyed this Ray and if you want to share it with a friend, someone from your family or whomever, please do it!


PPPS: I would like to congratulate those would already follow that voice of their heart and gut whether they had to make a big or small change to listen to it. I would also like to congratulate those who will do it today or tomorrow.

Come and also Kick your fear! We can be afraid together. Our projects will go a long way! 


Photo: This is the first Ema that left the French soil to the United States!! A truly moving moment!!:’)