By the way, do you know who the girl behind Asphodèle Art Dolls is?

Her name is Chloë, she is a Doll maker and sharer of rays!

She creates BJD to share beauty, creativity and joy and she writes with love, “The Ray of

Sunshine”, articles on various subjects to encourage and put a smile on people’s face. You

will find it at the bottom of the page.

Even though she writes in the third person, she’s totally sane! 




 My name is Chloë, but I am known to my good friends as "Clochette".

I also respond to «Clo», «Cloclo», «Shloë» ( at your own risk ;-) ) and "Hey, you there!" .


I live in South West of France and I like nothing more than sharing my passion for creativity and the Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) which are art dolls.

I decided to make my dreams  come true and I became a doll maker!

When I don't make dolls, I spend good time with my family, my friends, I sing (from dawn to dusk sometimes ! ), I read books, I enjoy nature, I learn new things, or I make plans for the weekend. 


My goals:

* Bring happiness in my life and that of others

* keep balance, have peace of mind

* To be interested in spirituality and personal development

* Encourage good vibes



I chose to become a creator of BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls), because a doll isn’t just an object, it’s a story, a link between human beings as well. Some BJD have their own way of looking at you and they call you without speaking…

I’m trying with all my heart to add sweetness in the eyes of my dolls!


Here are some of my dolls. Here are some of the articles that I wrote with all my heart. Here are my upcoming events . If you wish to receive some inspiring articles, encouragement and positivity in your inbox about once a month, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter, “The Ray of Sunshine” (You will find the form at the bottom of this page).


I’m advising you to subscribe today! It is said that “The Ray of Sunshine” is extraordinarily cool. It’s not me who say it, but the subscribers! 

I hope it will make you feel lighter, energized and a bit more optimistic than you were

before. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet! 



Funny facts!


-My nickname Tinkybell, (or Tinkerbell) is based on the French name Clochette which is the

name of the fairy in Peter Pan.


-People usually think I look younger than I am. This often gives rise to funny situations.


-I have 3 brothers, yes 3!  And I’m the only girl, can you imagine how tough this is! (Nah, I

actually love my brothers!)


-When I was a kid, I used to believe that pork and pigs were 2 different breeds, the pork

being the wild cousin of the pig in the mind of the kid that I was.


-I fell in love with the Disney movie, Mulan when it was released in the cinema and that was

it for me: I fell in love with Asian culture.


-In primary school, I had my first lesson of Japanese with a childhood friend. But in reality,

we spent more time playing than studying his mothertongue. When the time of playing

marbles, pogs, jojos (you know those little colorful plastic monsters) and Pokemon cards

came to an end, I carried on with my studies at university with less distraction, but kanjis

(chinese characters) got the best of me. I still have some basic notions and most of all

some nice memories.


-I travelled to Switzerland (but I was too young to remember), Spain, Ireland, Belgium,

Holland, Tunisia and to the USA. One of my dreams is to travel throughout Asia, but I’m

waiting for the stars to be aligned for that to happen (the real reason being that I’m half

adventurer/half scaredy cat and I still haven’t found someone to go with me. But, yes, I will

go one day, I truly believe it!).


-For the past 15 years, I believed that I was not creative. Since then, I changed my mind,

my life is more colorful and my office is way messier.