Sun Rays

Sun Rays · 29. juillet 2019
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you’d never make it? Worse than that, whatever you did was met with a series of struggles and in the end, the results seemed disappointing? If the answer is yes, then read carefully what follows… I hope from the bottom of my heart that after reading this you’ll say, “Yes! I CAN actually do it! I can reach my goals even when I encounter difficulties and things don’t go as planned.”
Sun Rays · 15. juillet 2019
Certificate of authenticity of Asphodèle Art Dolls. It says “I take my dream seriously” !
Following the last Ray where I told you about the “Hut”, the voice of both the heart and the guts, I thought about what could help those who are still a bit afraid of taking the big leap and make small or big changes in their life. If there is a project that matters to you, whether it’s a small project or a big dream and that you don’t know how to make it come true, please read this! Have a good read!
Sun Rays · 11. juillet 2019
When you’re not sure what to do, or which path to take, when you don’t know who you really are anymore, when you feel a bit lost, trust your “Hut.” It’s quite simple: without this “Hut” Asphodèle Art Dolls would not exist. You don’t know what it is? Come and find out! It will help you accomplish great things! Mouhaha!